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Factors to Consider When Buying Crab

Crab is one of the best meal, more so when prepared with chili. You can decide to cook crab together with hail as well. You will ensure that you choose the best crab, be it that which you are cooking at home, or when you want to dine it out with your friends. You will find some people choosing the crabs depending on their size, and this is not the best way to go about it. You can, for instance, choose a fully molted crab, but then you get disappointed when you find that it hardly fills the new shell it has formed. Though, when you consider the factors that are explained in this site, you will never go wrong when buying the crab.

The first thing you will consider will be where the crab is kept. You should choose the crab that is kept dry. When the crab is kept in a water tank, it will use most of its energy reserves to swim most of the time. The time that the crab was caught will also be an important question you ask the crab monger. After being caught, the maximum number of days the crab should take is two days to be cooked.

The other consideration will be the crab’s level of activity. It is a good idea to buy a live crab, not that which just lie there dead. Within a short while, the carcass of the dead crab will turn bad. Therefore, when you choose a live crab, go for that which is feisty and aggressive, and make sure that it is moving. Click here for more information about crabs.

Also, you will look at the belly of the crab. You will consider the underside of the crab as it should be light-colored, especially the triangular flaps. The bellies of the female crabs are large and rounded, while the males have narrow ones. You will also make sure that the crab is firm when you press the flap with a finger. To know that the crab is fresh, it should have a bulging and firm belly that is yellow and tinted. The crab will be losing its reserves when the belly is soft and blue tinge.

You should as well consider the claws of the crab. You will know that a crab is fully grown when you consider the claws and make sure that they are well used. The crab uses its right claw to catch prey, so it should be blunt or having flattened teeth. Learn more about crabs here:

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